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About Me

Adéla Vávrová (née Tománková), *1989

I have always been drawn to painting, I began to develop more artistically at ArtIn-Atelier Prague. Later I studied fashion design, but painting still clearly won in my life.

In my paintings, life stories and experiences are reflected, especially in figure painting and imaginary landscape painting. I depict both real landscapes and people, as well as imaginary worlds and creatures and their more or less distinct messages.

My great inspiration is also nature, which teaches me light, perspective, shapes and the variety of colors. Tree branches grow into the canvas and turn into miraculous images. In short, I don't have to look hard for ideas for paintings, they are all around. Just perceive them and let your imagination work.

Life in England, where I lived in the countryside for several years, breathed gloomy colors on me. I used myself as a canvas there and that moved me further in how to conceive figure painting. The result of this work was mainly authentic recordings of emotions, with which I work until now. The dreams that seem to me and their symbols are also an integral part of my paintings.

I am currently studying art therapy at the Akademie Alternativa school in Olomouc. It advances me in my personal creation and expands other horizons.

I completed figure drawing courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and went through a painting studio under the direction of Jitka Mikulicová at Scholastica.

I have had several individual and group exhibitions, my paintings are in private collections, for example in the collection of the Linhart Foundation ( About the Foundation - Linhart Foundation ) based in NOD in Dlouhá Street and you could also see them in the movie :) 

"He creates his paintings, regardless of the established regularities of painting, but with all the more emotional charge and energy. Fearlessly, vigorously applied layers of all possible colors may lead some art theorists to despair, but it must be admitted that the result does not lose its effect. Paintings from her workshop are primarily authentic records of the emotions that life brings, and yet they often tell epic stories". ( Oldřich Žáček, 2019 )


and courses

2022-             to the present, Akademie Alternativa, Art Therapy - Art Therapy, Olomouc

2019-2021     Education, Faculty of Pedagogy, Charles University, CŽV

2019              ATVU, Prague 7, figure drawing course ( ) 

2019              Painting studio (led by Jitka Mikulicová - Brody) Scholastika, Prague 2,

2018-2019      Studio of Joyful Creation, Prague 7

2016              Art therapy course, Art-In atelier Prague, Prague 2

2012               Figurative drawing, AVU Prague 7


Internship in Brussels European School of Brussels, Brussels (Belgium). Several-week internship in Brussels.

Writing a theater script, cooperation in acting rehearsals under the direction of the director and dramaturg                     Václav  Martin. Subsequent presentation of the play in the school theater of the European School of Brussels.


2004-2009  ART-IN Atelier Prague, Prague 2, (Directed by N. Verner)

2004-2008  Secondary industrial school of clothing, Prague 7, clothing industry


Selected solo exhibitions

2022          Trees hidden in a bunker (exhibition in a fallout shelter),

                  Art Mozaika Gallery, Political Prisoners 8, Prague 1

2019          Splice, Antonín Navrátil Exhibition Hall, Prague 3

2018          Smugglers of dreams vol. II, Antonín Navrátil Exhibition Hall, Prague 3

2017          Smugglers of dreams, Café Liberál, Prague 7

2016          Substance, Cafe Jiný kafe, Prague 3

2015          Traffic lights, Gallery 1, Prague 1

in the years 2010 - 2013 I exhibited in local pubs in Prague 7, 6 and Prague 3

(Clubhouse, Obora, Wakata, JET club, etc.)

Selected group exhibitions

2018        Žižkovský Montmartre, Galerie Toyen, Prague 3

2017        NSPU joint exhibition, Antonín Navrátil Exhibition Hall, Prague 3

2016        Samorosti, NOD gallery, PRAGUE 1

2013        Samorosti, NOD gallery, Prague 1

2009        Pod Čarou, Hall C, Prague 9


Images borrowed for the film

2017       Prize for happiness, directed by Olga Dabrowska 


2013        Samorosti, 2nd place Audience Award, NOD gallery, Prague 1

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